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  • Microelectronics plays an indispensable role in almost all industries. This is especially the case for biomedical applications, where electronic chips are an integral component. Both well established medical devices and newly developed intelligent implants rely heavily on Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) to implement their functions.
  • In this new era of „Electroceuticals“ there is a growing demand by biomedical engineering firms for competent and reliable partners that can undertake the required ASIC development. Moreover, as modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods become increasingly dependent on electronic chips, a new body of knowledge has to be developed.
  • Polymath Analog is a young startup with a clear mission: to fulfill all microelectronic requirements of the modern biomedical industry. Our focus lays not only on the development of high precision, energy efficient and multimodal ASICs, but also on the implementation of complete turn-key solutions for our customers. This includes the development of all required software tools, testing and evaluation boards and most importantly, providing the necessary training and consultancy. The company is founded as part of the “Technologie Transfer Initiative (TTI GmbH)” technology transfer initiative of Stuttgart University.


TTI GmbH - TGU Polymath Analog
Allmandring 30 a
70569 Stuttgart


Email: info@polymathanalog.de
Phone: +49(0) 711 12574 575 

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